Design for a tourism website called Taste of Kintyre showing photos and text on teal, blue and burnt orange coloured backgrounds.  The images are of local food and attractions, overlaid with the brand's signature "fish in a glass" and wave illustrations.

Designing in Bold.

Music cafe logo design printed on natural brown card. The logo is the word “Songplace” with the S shaped like a Musial note and the letters arranged over five horizontal bars like written music. The logo is embossed into the card with a pale gold foil finish.
Unique packaging design for the Taste of Kintyre tourism company showing a dark teal shopping bag printed with a repeating pale blue pattern of the brand’s signature “fish in a glass” illustration and a burnt orange wave swoosh at the bottom right hand corner. The bag has natural rope handles and is shown against a dusty pink background.

Rose Clarkson


I use bright colours and bold patterns to create visual designs with a sense of place and a connection to nature and community.


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